Pulp is a lit mag for low brow filth found in the pages of penny dreadfuls and strewn in the back of stores with privacy curtains. Send us your manifestos, your 3 am love letters to toxic exes, queer westerns, subverted neo noires, romance/scifi hybrid experimental stories, and whatever else you made in the dumpster behind the 7/11.


PULP IS LOOKING FOR:Salacious, Kinky, Sleasy, Tooth Rotting, Thigh Trembling, Downright Filthy Smut. Real NSFW work up in here.As always PULP accepts- Poetry
- Fiction (Both flash and short stories)
- Non Fiction
- Hybrid
- Art/Photography
- ETC.

PULP accepts anything and everything in their unthemed issues, but some genres that usually get accepted right on the spot are:- Noir
- Detective Stories
- Science Fiction
- Romance
- Westerns
- Weird stories, art, and photos

Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, Cigarette Smoke and strong bourbon, Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon, handwritten letters with a whiff of perfume, Mai Tai's at a Tiki Lounge, Liberty red lipstick, secret romances by the light of the moon, Watermelon Woman (1996), otherworldly beings falling for humans, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, My Own Private Idaho (1991), Camp Demascus by Chuck Tingle, unrequited love, Bottoms (2023), restoring old books, Lovecraftian monsters, collecting pins in your spare time, watching silent movies

Wanna get inspired by some real PULP Mags? Here's a huge archive of them.




Finnialla, pronounced finn-all-uh, is a screenwriter, poet, novelist, certified bog monster, and artist whose work can be found on the side of freeways or hung up on street signs. They have been published in multiple indie magazines along with being a staff member at both The Incognito Press and the Outlander Zine. When they aren’t writing, they are usually found screaming in the woods, making zines, and dancing to 80's new wave and 70's disco. If you want to reach out, you can check out their website, finn-all-uh.org, or their Twitter for 2 am hyperfixation rabbithole threads and protest links, @finnalluh Usual haunts include oddities shops, cemeteries, trash cans and protests. They are non-binary and use they/them pronouns.



Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!


Samantha writes characters that make you feel and plots that make you think. Her contemporary romances are full of first times, second chances, third dates and happily-ever-afters. When she's not completely immersed in the worlds of her imagination, she lives in Georgia with her Catahoula leopard, her Himalayan cat, and her golden retriever fiancé. Samantha is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and is knee-deep in writing her first novel.


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Devon Webb (she/her) is a writer & editor based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her award-winning work has been published extensively worldwide & revolves around themes of femininity, vulnerability, anti-capitalism & neurodivergence. She is a staff writer for Erato Magazine & Pulp Lit Mag, an editor for Prismatica Press, & a founding member of The Circus (@circuslit), a collective prioritising radical inclusivity within the indie lit scene. She can be found on social media at @devonwebbnz.


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Social Media manager - Kayla

Kayla is a writer from a small town who has always had big dreams about telling stories. She can usually be found daydreaming about dragons and magic, or plotting love stories with flowery confessions and copious amounts of smut. When she’s not writing, she’s in West Virginia with her husband, being a mom to two rambunctious kiddos, and crocheting half finished projects. You can follow her on Instagram (@kaylashawnwrites) for book reviews and updates on her writing.




ISSUE ONE: Joe Mitchell, Ben Nardolilli, D.W. Baker, Zar Fekete, Karl Koweski, Nicola Wiggins, Claudia Wysocky, BEE LB, Patrick Quinn, Minerva Weaver, R.G. Vasicek, Maxine Sophia Wolff, Tom Stuckey, Celso Antonio de Almeida, Adam Spiegelman, Simon Collinson, Devon Webb, Amber Baird, Laszlo Aranyi, Patrick Whitehurst, Robert Steward, SOUM, Aphrodesia, Robert Allen, Pooja Singh, Pravasan Pillay, Vincenzo della Malva, Ken Tomaro, Ophelia Monet, Brandon Shane, Michael Moreth, Margaux Williamson, Lasara Firefox Allen, Cecilia Kennedy, Stephen Ground, Daniel Skentelbery, Robert Stone, Riah Hopkins, Geneviève Laprise.

3 AM EROTICA: Tom Stuckey,* Emily Anne Elliott, Devon Neal, Castle, Celso Antonio de Almeida,* Laura Shell, West Ambrose, Mary Magagna, Marco Etheridge, Kelli Dianne Rule, Jasmine Young, Stacy Harris, Gemma Mooney, Russ Collin Bickerstaff, Samantha Barrow,

ISSUE THREE: Neil Randall, Joel Glover, George Wehrfritz, D Rudd-Mitchell, Dimitri Ferraz, Calla C. Smith, D.W. Baker,* Ilan Jones, Simon Collinson,* Matthew Spence, Tom Koperwas, Edward Ahern, Kim Hayes, Paul Carreo, Joel Glover, Devin James Leonard,

* next to a name indicates an author who has been published in more than one issue of PULP!

Submissions will be read on a rolling basis for each issue.Submitters of this lit mag should be 18 or older because of the inclusion of NSFW works.There is no technical word limit, but we do ask you keep it to one piece for any long fiction, creative nonfiction, or article pieces. If you write War and Peace 2, electric Boogaloo, we will probably reject it, but write your little hearts out, we can't wait to read it.There is also a three piece max for short stories and a five piece max for poems, artworks, photos, and hybrid works. We are are a little team right now. (I.e. It's only me and I want to be able to read all of your amazing works.)If you don't know if your piece fits, like a soundscape or weird piece of art or whatever other fun thing, It does. We will find a way to make it work, if it's cool enough and we want it in the magazine. We'll find a way.We encourage previous submissions and simultaneous submissions. On the submissions page, there is a part for you to fill out where it's been published before so we can call out the amazing lit mags who published it. If it gets submitted somewhere else, shoot us an email and we will congratulate you and update your form.If your piece needs to be pulled for any reason, just reach out and we will do it no questions asked.No AI writing or art of any kind will be allowed. We don't need robots doing our jobs. Now, if you write an awesome science fiction about it, we will probably publish it, but if you get a robot to write it, then that's just mean.There are no formatting requirements on any of this. Do you, babes.PULP does not want work that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic. We will publish work that makes a comment on these topics if it displays these in a negative light and brings forth the flaws in the thinking, but any kind of hateful speech outright is not allowed. When a piece displays that commentary, a trigger warning will be present at the beginning.

Have any questions? Just want to send us fan fiction? Do you have a really cool idea for a way for us to get rich quick and want to share the wealth with us? Shoot us an email AT [email protected].

Want to contribute to every issue? Edit some pieces? Just draw some cover art? You can join PULP and hang out with the weirdos at the back of the class.All positions are volunteer and unpaid. We have no money, as this place is ran by a gen z kid who is currently contemplating their 200,000 dollar art degree and other young adults who make poor financial decisions. We are living off of hope and ramen noodles in this house.Applications are read on a rolling basis.STAFF INFORMATION HERE


Poetry writers, Prose writers, Editors, Illustrators/Photographers